Facility Information

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Facility Information
Total Facility Area

Approximately 16.0ha

Kawa-no-eki Mizu-no-sato Sawara


4051-3 Sawara-I, Katori City, Chiba Pref. 287-003


Tel: 0478-52-1138 / Fax: 0478-52-1122

Business Hours

Disaster Prevention Educational Exhibit

09:30 to 16:30

Closed: Monday (Tuesday when Monday is a national holiday,) New Year period, Facility maintenance days

Sawara Riverside Interaction Center

09:00 to 17:00

Closed: Monday (Tuesday when Monday is a national holiday,) New Year period, Facility maintenance days

Floor Area

Vehicle Warehouse

Approximately 360 square meters

Tone River Information Broadcasting Facility (disaster education bulletin board, etc.)

Approximately 1,490 square meters

River Transport Center

Approximately 830 square meters

Michi-no-eki Mizu-no-sato Sawara


3981-2 Sawara-i, Katori city, Chiba Pref. 287-003


Tel: L0478-50-1183 / Fax: 0478-50-1185

Business Hours

Local Specialties Stands

08:30 to 18:00
(Open year round except on facility maintenance days)

Food Court

08:30 to 18:00
(Open year round except on facility maintenance days)


146 for cars / 22 for buses / 4 for disabled vehicles / 21 for Large motorcycles

24 hours / Open year round


Men 13, Women 12, Disabled 1

24hours / Open year round

Rest Area, Information Corner

24hours / Open year round

Floor Area

Approximately 1,110 square meters

Prohibited Actions (Please read thoroughly)

Note that the following actions are prohibited within the facilities, and these rules must be observed at all times.

  1. All types of Fishing (rods and nets), fireworks, bonfires, barbecues, camping and other similar or dangerous activities are prohibited.
  2. Baseball, golf, skateboarding, roller skating, kiting and other similar activities are prohibited.
  3. Radio controlled aircraft and other similar items are prohibited.
  4. Parking or leaving cars, motorbikes and bicycles anywhere other than the designated parking areas are prohibited.
  5. Bringing items into the facilities that may annoy other users, dogs, cats, birds and other animals, ignitable or inflammable items, dangerous items, items that emit foul odors, and other items that are forbidden by law are prohibited.
  6. Leaving or dumping litter and other garbage is prohibited.
  7. No trespassing in entry-restricted areas or entry-prohibited areas.
  8. Cutting down bamboo, trees or other plants is prohibited.
  9. Piling up earth, rocks, bamboo or other wood is prohibited.
  10. Collecting rocks or otherwise modifying the layout of the land is prohibited.
  11. Hunting or killing wildlife is prohibited.
  12. All other actions that may annoy other users or that are forbidden by law are prohibited.

Introduction of Facilities

Objectives of the Facility

This facility is a project being carried out by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport with Katori City's full cooperation as a Sawara wide-area interaction PFI project. An investigation committee and committees of employed people, etc., were established in order to proceed with the PFI project in 2006, and PFI Sawara River Co., Ltd. was elected as the special purpose company (SPC) on July 07, 2008.

The project is the nation's first attempt to administer rivers directly with the use of the PFI procedures, and it involves the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport installing high-standard flood barriers (super barriers,) utilizing disaster prevention training, etc., to distribute information to the area's interchange facilities (Michi-no-eki) and river users at all times, and incorporating a facility (Kawa-no-eki) as a flood-prevention base in the event of disasters. In addition to using the disaster-prevention base in the downriver area of the Tone River, it will also be used as a transport interaction point in which the natural environment of the Tone River will be used for canoes, etc., and the convenient accessibility of the location will be used to establish cargo distribution by boat and road.

Katori City has prospered as a distribution center along the Tone River since the Edo period, and its streets of ancient buildings has led to it being designated as a sanctuary for important traditional structures. Making the best possible use of this cultural heritage, we are promoting a style of town planning than blends in with the river, and establishing various facilities that aim at urban redevelopment.

Introduction of PFI Projects

PFI stands for Private Finance Initiative, and it uses funds, administrative abilities and technological skills from the private sector to construct and maintain public facilities that are operated independently by the government or regional authorities. It is based on the PFI Act, and it offers a new method of providing efficient and effective public services that are available directly from the government and regional authorities.

The Act on Promotion of Private Finance Initiative (commonly known as the PFI Act) was enacted in July 2997 as the PFI policies for Japan.

The companies involved in PFI projects are established as special purpose companies (SCP) for the purpose of proceeding with the project.

Introduction of the Disaster-Prevention Facility (Main Offices)

The facility is in charge of all disaster-prevention facilities in the event of disasters occurring, and it is used for disaster-prevention training and as a facility for using the riverside amenities during normal times.

Disaster-Prevention Support Office

(Normal Times) Facility Administration Office, Multi-Purpose Study Room

Waiting Room, River Information Room

(Normal Times) Disaster-Prevention Training and Exhibit Room

Disaster-Prevention Storeroom


Privately-owned Electrical Power Facility Room

(Normal Times) Disaster-Prevention Training and Exhibit Room

Flood-Barrier Worker Briefing Room

(Normal Times) Visitors Center

Information Collection Room

(Normal Times) Multi-Purpose Study Room

Outdoor Toilets for Flood Barrier Workers

(Normal Times) Toilets for facility workers

Flood Barrier Storeroom


Flood Barrier Worker Changing Room

(Normal Times) Food and Beverage Room