Privacy Policy

Mizu-no-sato Sawara pays close attention to the protection of personal information. The concepts behind the policies in place for this website have been clearly stipulated, and every measure is in place to prevent the leakage, use or modification, etc., of personal information.

Definition of Personal Information

Personal information is defined as the information received from visitors to this site that can be used to identify said visitor, including addresses, names, ages, telephone numbers, mail address, etc., and any other individual information that can be traced back to said visitor.


Collection of Personal Information

In the event of Mizu-no-sato Sawara collecting personal information from visitors via this site, the purpose of collection shall be clearly stated beforehand, and collection will only be carried out when deemed necessary.
Visitors retain the right to refuse the provision of personal information if they feel that it would be detrimental to their interests. However, this may result in said visitor not being able to use certain services provided by this site that require the provision of personal information.


Use of Personal Information

The personal information provided by visitors will be used only for the purpose of understanding the usage status of the site, and for analytical purposes designed to improve the implementation, planning and quality of services.
When information is required for any purpose other than those stated above, the visitor will be given advance warning and the information used only within the range of said purpose. In the event of the information being used for purposes that exceed this range, all visitors will be contacted in advance and informed of the purpose of usage. The visitors retain the right to refuse the use of personal information if they feel that it would be detrimental to their interests.

Non-Disclosure of Personal Information to Third Parties

The personal information that Mizu-no-sato Sawara collects from visitors to the site will not be disclosed, given or lent to third parties unless it falls under either of the following categories:

  1. When the visitor has agreed.
  2. When it is deemed necessary to disclose said information to an agency, etc., in order to respond to visitor inquiries.
  3. When it is deemed necessary to disclose said information to sub-contractors with whom a non-disclosure agreement has been concluded in advance in order to implement the purpose of collection as stated to the visitor.
  4. When said information is processed in a manner that makes it impossible to indentify individuals as statistical data.
  5. When urgent situations make it imperative to disclose said information to prevent risks to human life, injuries and assets.
  6. When the disclosure of personal information has been requested under the terms of the law.

Revise the privacy policies

Mizu-no-sato Sawara may revise the privacy policies for this web site without advance warning.